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CoInstitutional Governance and Management Solutions:

GEFCA is managed by democratic elected executive committees elected in the annual general meeting consisting of seven board members, three executive members and nine ordinary members. The organization is managed through the guidance from its constitutions and other policy documents such as the human resource and finance policies.

002: Financial Accounting and Management Solution:

Enterprises and other types of institutions e.g. NGOs, trade associations, public sector institutions or departments can receive financial accounting and management services from our highly qualified advisors.


We offer broad range of services such as accounting system development; financial management and system audit to aid clients make profit and improve business financial position using the innovative systems.

Below are Centered leaders for Community agent for  chang: The child headed below  couldn't make it possible to feed that litle  child  carried,  but  Gen Rwot  Family Care  Association  seek  to  assist those  kind of  childre.

These can be  achieved only when we join hands and  say no  to  child neglect,  child abuse, and child  headed family through advocating  for their  rights, catering  for  their  welfare, and educating them  for  future generation.

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